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What is a backwater valve?

A backwater valve is an accessory which, when installed at the point where back flowing could eventually occur, remains open under normal circumstances to allow the free evacuation of drainages, but closes automatically when there is an accidental return of the flow of sewage systems or drainage canals.

There are four models of backwater valves to protect the places, which are exposed to suffering accidental back flowing. These models are:


It allows maintaining the alignment that initially has the pipe where it should be installed, it can work in horizontal position or to be inclined to adapt to the design slope.

Flat Valve With Manifold Top

It is a previous model's variant that is offered with a manifold top to allow inspecting its interior, to connect an ejector pump to discharge sewage excess through the valve and to inject pressured waters for works of inner cleaning, as can see in its installation diagram.



It is used in drainage pipes or in the dikes that protect ditches, when their diameters overcome 250 millimeters (10 inches). They should be installed inside a pit or at the outlet of the dike.


Especially appropriate valve for situations in those that the bottom part of the outlet pipe of the pit, is to considerable depth with relationship to the pipes that there discharge, it is installed at the bottom of the box and there it joins all the discharges through its cover.


Drainage gates are valves which are fabricated with fiberglass, to prevent the reverse flow of the sewer system. They have a pendular hatch which opens whenever the exit pressure is greater than the possible backwater pressure thereby allowing the exit flow but not backwater into the protected location.

Given that proper functioning of the values require a significant volume of water to open the hatch, it is recommended that the pipes that need protection have a minimum diameter of 300 milimeters (12 inches). Such diameter transports the necessary volume.

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