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Bottom sump backwater valves

BOTTOM SUMP BACKWATER VALVES are especially suitable when the level of this pipe is lower than the bottom part of the pipes that unload there. This valve receives the load vertically, which allows the receiving pipes that flow into it from any side of the sump where it will be installed. Likewise, given that it receives these flows vertically from different heights, it allows establishing a convenient step in the profile of the drainage system avoiding the need to go unnecessarily deeper during the pipeline layout or elevating the receptor pipe, BOTTOM SUMP VALVES are made to protect 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12" (100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 millimeters) diameter pipelines and to be able to utilize them, it will be necessary to have minimum differences between the bottom part of the inlet pipe and the bottom part of the outlet pipe as show in the Installation diagram.

How it operates

This valve works automatically; since it is embedded under the bottom of the sump where it is to be installed, the top of the valve will be on the same level as the bottom of the sump to receive the discharge vertically from any direction and guide it without any obstruction to the outlet pipe. However, whenever there is a backflow, the floater floodgate rises over it to produce the stoppage internally against the top, guaranteeing that no backflow reaches the protected sump.


The System
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