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Shutter sets

Shutter sets are elements of reliable protection, against backwater accidents that can be presented in sewer systems and open channels whose diameters are 10" or more, considering the following circumstances of risk.

Any open canal or pipe which is destined to conducting liquids that flow on their bottom are susceptible to suffering obstructions, saturations or inversions of the normal flow caused by unforeseen surges in their final sewage discharges. Whatever the situation or the cause of this phenomenon may be, the result will be the same: the contents will overflow through the openings to the exterior of the system or out of the ditches where it should flow.

Since this has to do with unforeseen situations, it is indispensable to provide protection at the points where the drainage or sewage systems are exposed to this risk. This protection may be automatic or autonomous so that it will operate without external help when the circumstances require blocking a backflow. Likewise, since these ducts are generally not pressurized, the elements, which are destined for this protection, must not restrict the easy flow of the drainage.

The SHUTTER SETS fully comply with this requirement; they constantly remain open. This guarantees that the normal flow will not be restricted in the least. They close automatically when there is a backflow.

How it operates

The same flood that causes the backflow, activates SHUTTER SETS. This way, when the normal level rises, the lateral floats of the SHUTTER SETS move back lowering the shutter diaphragm to its shut position. Once the emergency situation is over, the floats fall back allowing the normal flow of the discharge.

SHUTTER SETS are available in any diameter greater than 10" (250 millimeters) and at the user's request, they may be provided with any type of coupling which is suitable for the different commercial pipeline systems.


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