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Flat backwater valves

To protect against these accidental backflows in public or domestic sewage lines there are BACKWATER VALVES, which as an exclusive characteristic constantly remain open while the flow is normal, but close automatically when they detect any backflow that may cause overflowing of the sewage at the places, which do these valves, protect.

While these valves remain open to the flow of liquid discharges, whether they are contaminated or not by solid loads, the evacuation is carried out freely, without the valve interfering with the free circulation of the contents, whatever its pressure or volume of flow.

Flat backwater valves with manifold top

At the user's will, these FLAT VALVES may be provided with a manifold top to connect them to an submersible pump, a cleanout and an access for pressurized water to clean the sediments when the discharges to be evacuated require it.

FLAT VALVES are suitable to use with clay, concrete and PVC pipes. They may be produced with any type of couplings on request. They are produced in 4", 6"and 8" diameters.

How it operates

The functioning of the FLAT VALVES is activated automatically without the need of external help and it takes place due to the displacement of the lateral floats, which automatically rise over the flood produced by the backflow and move the shutter diaphragm to stop the backflow. Once this abnormal situation is over, the floats fall back to open the valve.

The System
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