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Sewage that returns through drains?

Sewage overflowing is produced by obstructions or sewer surcharge in these systems. These unforeseen accidents inevitably produce floods when the discharges that cannot be evacuated normally are stopped and sent back. The same thing happens when surges rise over open ditch outlets or sewage system outlets.

Due to the need for the evacuation of wastes that are poured through the sewage systems to flow freely to reach their final destiny, it is an indispensable condition that these ducts allow this free flow. This condition may occasionally be altered and consequently drainage systems may be obstructed. This produces overflowing of these wastes at any point where this system opens to the exterior.

Premises and sites exposed to be affected by overflowing of sewage systems and open ditches:

The situations where this type of accidents happen are:

1. Drainage points located under the level sewage could overflow in case it becomes surcharged. This is the risk of any basement draining directly to the main sewer system (No matter if they are on flat terrains or on slopes).

2. Terrains, which are located under the maximum levels of, expected surges in the final sewage discharges of a canal or sewage system.

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How to achieve protection against overflowing of sewage systems and open ditches?

The water that circulates through any drainage duct must flow freely down the slope that will guide it to its final sewage discharge. Therefore, it is indispensable that this circulation is completely free of any obstacles that may obstruct this circulation; however, this characteristic allows that when a backflow accidentally takes place, overflowing happens through the points where sewage waters should normally be evacuated.

As a result of the above, it is necessary to protect the places, which are exposed to this danger with backwater valves which freely allow evacuation, but which avoid back flowing when any sewage reflux happens.

The System
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